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Head Start is a federally funded program designed for pre-school children from low-income families. The goal of Head Start is to provide children with comprehensive Early Childhood Education and Development services while gaining social competence. Head Start strongly encourages parents to participate in all aspects of their child’s education and offers support to parents as they identify and meet goals for themselves, their children, and families.

The age of the child and the location of the services are primary differences. EHS services are for pregnant women and children ages birth – 2 and offers home based services and classroom services.

Head Start services are for children age 3 or 4 and offers classroom services. Other eligibility requirements i.e. income and documentation are the same for both programs.

Enrollment is based on several factors including age and income.

Head Start children must be 3 yrs old and meet federal income guidelines to attend. Families with circumstances such as homelessness, children in foster care, or receiving TANF or SSI may also qualify for services.

Our staff would like to assist you. Please call Child Parent Centers: 520-623-2512 ext. 77777 or your local center.

Head Start programs may enroll up to 10% of children from families that have incomes above the Poverty Guidelines. Programs may also serve up to an additional 35% of children from families whose incomes are above the Poverty Guidelines, but below 130% of the poverty line if the program can ensure that certain conditions have been met.. For more information call Child Parent Centers: 520-623-2512 ext. 77777 or use the Head Start Locator to find the center nearest you.

There is no charge to attend Head Start.

Pima, Graham. Greenlee, Cochise, and Santa Cruz counties.

Yes! A Healthy Child is a Child Ready to Learn.

Therefore, all children enrolled in our program receive a nutritious breakfast and/or lunch and healthy snack based on the time of day they attend.

Home based children attending group socialization receive a hearty snack.

In addition, the needs of children with special dietary conditions are accommodated based upon their specific requirements.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer and participate in all Head Start components i.e. classroom activities, participating in Head Start trainings, serving on parent committees etc. In addition, each center elects an individual to serve on Policy Council. Policy Council representatives work in partnership with management staff and the governing board to develop, review, and approve or disapprove key Policies and Procedures within the Head Start program. It is the job of the Policy Council representative to serve as a link between Parent Committees and the Governing Body.

Children with disabilities are given priority in Head Start. We contract with speech and language specialists, mental health specialist and work closely with disabilities coordinators in our school districts.

Our staff welcomes the opportunity to assist you in the enrollment process.

You may request a Head Start enrollment packet online and bring it to your local center or simply call the local center and set up an appointment to complete the application in person.

Completed enrollment package includes:

1) a signed application with verification of family's annual income;

2) a completed emergency information and Immunization Record; a copy of your child's current immunization record showing that your child has received all current age-appropriate immunizations required by law or an exemption affidavit from a physician.

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