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Process of Documentation

Documentation is a powerful tool for improving understanding, communication and professional growth. In order to document what happens in our centers we have to start by doing observations.




Observation helps us to see children attentively and to listen to them deeply. 

It is necessary to leave traces of the observations in order to examine them. The tools used in documentation determines the type of traces left, each tool has its own possibilities and limitations. Some of the more used traces are: Written videos and audio recordings. Among the essential traces to study are the ones that children offer to us through their play and in their artifacts.

All these traces are documents that should be examined and interpreted.

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  • It is essential to interpret with other colleagues the documented observations.
  • We learn more and construct a good basis for collaboration by sharing points of view with other educators.
  • Documentation helps teachers make choices pertinent to the learning processes and desires of children.
  • In order to make the documents readable and meaningful the teacher's work together to select, arrange, and give identity to them.
  • Revisiting documentation is to see again, listen again, and thus gain further understanding. For example, we can become aware of our own way of being and interacting with children.
  • Documentation sustains communication with families
  • Documentation becomes part of the environment. It tells about the commitment of educators and the life of children.
  • Documentation is a powerful tool for advocacy.
  • Documentation preserves the memories of shared experiences.
  • Gathering the history of a center helps to preserve the particular culture constructed by children, teachers and families who have been part of it.