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Duncan's new garden in the news! See the article here.

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Sunnyside Head Start

The original center was built in 1984.  It initially stood in what is now the parking lot, in a simple house that was donated by the City of Tucson.  In May of 2001 construction for a new center began and in March of 2003 Sunnyside was re-opened.  The new center offered more classrooms and more services for local families. 

About Us

We provide services to over 100 families. Our comprehensive Head Start and Early Head Start program includes:

  • 3 part-day-part-year preschool classrooms
  • 2 full-day-full-year preschool classrooms for working parents
  • 2 Early Head Start home based options

 We are located at:

 Sunnyside Head Start | 1105 E. Drexel, Tucson AZ, 85706 | 520-382-1555

Our Garden Project

The Story of our Garden

Our adventure with the Garden began in March of 2004.  We created a space where the children could dig in the dirt, water the garden and explore fascinating new worlds by looking for worms, learning about the bugs, and the different needs of the animals that live in the garden. 

In the garden children enjoy planting seeds, watching them grow, harvest and taste the fruits of their work.  Our garden has become a very special learning space for the children, families teachers, and community.  Our Garden continues to evolve with the ideas and support of the staff, children families, and community.

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Other Projects

sunnyside-project-2 p

Engineering with Wire 

Children created their own wire designs. They experimented and manipulated the wire into any formsthey wished. The finished products were amazing, each child focused on the techniques and forms that most inspired them. You can view images in the Sunnyside hallways.




sunnyside-project-3 p

 The Sunnyside Loom 

The children, parents and teachers at Sunnyside worked together to make an ancient civilizations type loom. It is simply two bars on which straps have been stretched. The loom is featured at Sunnyside and serves to delight visitors, children and parents.