Too Sick for School


Children often get colds, but when they are not feeling well enough to participate in their normal daily activities or not alert enough to learn or play, they are too sick to go to school.

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Food Service Inspection Ratings

Follow this link and find out about food sanitation inspection rating for all our centers Pima Restaurant Ratings


Emergency Information

At Child-Parent Centers, we train our staff to create and maintain a safe learning environment for children, parents, and staff. Emergency preparedness is a part of that training and covers many areas including medical, dental and natural disasters. Please look for the emergency information postings within every center or ask the center manager for details.


School Absences

If your child needs to be absent, please contact your Head Start center.  Please Consider that:

  • Starting the morning with friends is beneficial to your child’s social emotional development.
  • Consistent attendance contributes to your child's sense of belonging to the classroom community.
  • You can learn more if you review the family handbook (pdfEnglish | pdfSpanish)

School Closures

If your Head Start centers will not open or has a delay in opening the Center staff will contact parents by phone. If there is an emergency after school starts that requires the Center to close:

  • Our staff will contact parents within 30 minutes.
  • We will provide written notification of the incident within 24 hours.
  • Remember a safe learning environment for children, parents, and staff is a priority for all Head Start Centers


Classroom Emergencies

Classroom staff are certified in CPR/First Aid. If there is an emergency with your child, we will contact you or your emergency contacts we might also seek assistance from other necessary resources.

  • Medical Service (9-1-1).
  • Hospital emergency room/clinic.
  • Poison Control.
  • The program Health Consultant, a Registered Nurse (RN).