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The Head Start Act dictates that two entities are responsible for governance and oversight of Child-Parent Centers - (1) the board of directors; and (2) the policy council. The policy council submits decisions to the board on certain topics, such as supporting parent involvement and program recruitment. The board, however, has explicit legal and fiscal responsibility for administering and overseeing Child-Parent Centers  and its funds.

Board of Directors


Member Designation

The Head Start Act requires that the board be composed of members with the following qualifications:

  1. At least one member with a background and expertise in fiscal management and accounting
  2. At least one member with a background and expertise in early childhood education and development
  3. At least one member who is a licensed attorney familiar with the issues that come before the governing body and
  4. Additional members who reflect the community being served who are selected for their expertise in education, business administration, or community affairs and parents of children currently or formerly enrolled in Head Start programs

Board Responsibiliies

The Federal Head Start Act specifically outlines a number of responsibilities that the Board must perform, including:

  • Ensurie compliance with federal, state, tribal and local laws
  • Select service areas
  • Establish procedures for recruitment, selection and enrollment of children
  • Review funding applications
  • Review and approve all major policies of the agency
  • Develop policy council selection procedures
  • Approve financial policies
  • Approve personnel policies

Additionally the board must establish and update standards of conduct for conflicts of interest and complaints.  When necessary the board will establish advisory committees to meet the needs and goals of Child-Parent Centers.

In discharging these responsibilities, board members must meet the common law duty of care, duty of loyalty and obedience.

Board Members


Sangita Pawar, PhD, President

Enid Moore-Cranshaw, Past President

Lori Ann Schultz, Vice President

Jillian Aja, Secretary

Diane Groover, Treasurer

Margaret Ellen Allen

Dennis Billie

Jessica Bowman

Jeanais Brodie

Eleanor Droegemeier


Amber Fletcher

Paulina Jensen

Lorna Kautz

Yvette Moreno

Ellen Schartz

Lani Simmons

Lori Taniguchi

Tirza Vega

Robert Wortman, PhD





Policy Council

The Policy Council along with the Board of Directors serves as the governing body of Child-Parent Centers. We work together with concerned parents and members of the community to plan, coordinate and organize program activities. Additional Policy Council responsibilities include:

  • Encourage parent participation
  • Review and approve all funding applications
  • Participate in the program's annual self-assessment.
  • Serve as a link between committees, governing bodies and community organizations.
  • Work with us to ensure that parents know their rights, responsibilities and opportunities.
  • Many Policy Council members are parents of currently enrolled children and represent all Head Start centers and program options. Members are elected annually and may serve for no more than three years.